St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church & Catholic Student Center, 721 N. College St., Booneville, MS 38829, [662] 728-7509 or [662] 728-2257
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We, the members of the St. Francis of Assisi Church, Booneville, Mississippi -
  • BELIEVE that we are loved by God and need God;

  • Are BONDED and EQUAL by virtue of our common BELIEF in Jesus Christ and His teachings;

  • DESIRE to love God and neighbor by building a community where forgiveness and reaching out to others are evident;

  • SEE our whole life as a continuous process of growth in our faith;

  • UNDERSTAND that participation in the sacraments and a welcoming spirit are signs of this faith in action;

  • RECOGNIZE our need to collaborate with people of other faiths to foster justice within our civic community and the world.

WE COMMIT OURSELVES to becoming a more prayerful, collaborative and welcoming community that fosters ongoing spiritual growth by:

  • Cooperating with other groups to improve the quality of life in our community;

  • Continuing religious education, prayer, and sharing;

  • Growing in appreciation of each other by sharing fun times;

  • Contributing time, talent and treasure to support the work of the church;

  • Preparing and participating in meaningful, dynamic liturgical celebrations;

  • Reaching beyond our parish community in response to the needy within our civic community and the world.

+ + + +

Gatherer of all good memories and future destiny,
we call on the spirits of many ancestors to join us
here in this sacred place of St. Francis of Assisi Parish.
We have come to acknowledge our past history; and to share
with each other our present issues, concerns and hopes.

You have been a Companion for each one:
every grandfather and grandmother,
every student and teacher, every single person,
every priest, and every religious sister,
every father and mother, brother and sister.

You have been the Breath of Life
for everyone who has birthed a child,
wedded a lover, or buried a dear one.

You have sown the deep seed of faith
in the waters of countless baptisms,
kept alive since 1962 this parish through
the fidelity of those who prayed here,
and the generosity of those who served here.

While our world is weary and worn with pain,
may we take hope and find courage through
the strong faith of our ancestors,
the friendship of neighbors and relatives,
the generous leadership of our Sacramental Ministers
and Lay Ecclesial Ministers,
the goodness of each one willing to reach out
and be there in time of need.

We thank you, Gracious God, for our faith,
and for this place of worship and community,
which has nourished many souls,
and provided a source of nurturing faith
for all who come seeking spiritual life.

May we leave here today filled with hope,
knowing that this legacy will continue with us
and future members of this St. Francis of Assisi Parish.
We believe in your constant Presence,
we accept your Grace and share your Love,
and we celebrate your Life with one another. Amen.

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