St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church & Catholic Student Center, 721 N. College St., Booneville, MS 38829, [662] 728-7509 or [662] 728-2257
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ALUMINUM PULL TABS: We are still collecting the pull tabs from aluminum cans for Corinth. You can leave them on the kitchen counter or on the dresser in the Sacristy.

ALUMINUM CANS: Bags/boxes of rinsed cans can be left outside the kitchen door for recycling.

INKJET & TONER: Bring in your used inkjet cartridges or toner bars and place in the recycling box located next to the food pantry box.

VEGETABLE & SOUP CANS: Please rinse these types of cans and remove the labels. They can be left in the kitchen.

PIE TINS: These can also be left in the kitchen. Please bag/box them seperately from the aluminum cans and make sure they're rinsed.

CELL PHONES & their BATTERIES: Cell phones are collected for recycling whether or not the phone works. Cell Phone Batteries are the most toxic components of cell phones. Please send all the batteries you collect to us to be properly recycled. People often have additional batteries and these should be included with the phones. We DO NOT recycle ear phones, chargers, cases, covers, etc. These items can be safely disposed of with your normal household waste.

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